What is the Pleasanton Math Circle?

Pleasanton Math Circle (PMC) is a math circle designed to bring together eager students to explore different aspects of math. Lecturers include top math students from around Pleasanton, and guest lecturers include college students at top universities as well as well-known math teachers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMC?
Founded in 2011, Pleasanton Math Circle (PMC) exposes young and aspiring math students to unique and challenging topics. At meetings, experienced lecturers teach a variety of subject areas often glossed over in school, including combinatorics, probability and number theory.

How does PMC work?
Within PMC, students are divided into an elementary school division for grades 3 to 5 and a middle school division for grades 6 to 8. Students are guided through the week's topic by lecturers and allowed to develop their ideas with their peers by working in groups.

Where does PMC meet?
Both groups meet every other Thursday from 7:00 to 8:30pm at Harvest Park Middle School, in adjacent rooms (D-32 and D-29).

Is there a cost?
No, it's absolutely free! However, we do appreciate donations for supporting Amador Valley Math Team, which sponsors this program. We accept cash or a check made out to "Amador Valley Math Team," turned in to an Amador Valley student.

Can anyone attend?
Yes (including parents)! Most students are from around the Pleasanton area, but any student may attend. We offer two groups: an elementary and intermediate group, designed for elementary and middle school students, respectively. While students of any skill level are welcome, these topics are best suited for kids with a passion for math, who are genuinely interested in learning more.

Any other questions?
Check out the "Contact" section to submit any questions to us. We will attempt to respond as soon as possible; feel free to bump an email if you have not received any response after a few days.


Suhas Nagar

Clara Rong
Middle School Lecturer

Jocelyn Zhu
Middle School Lecturer

Kate Osipova
Middle School Lecturer

Mathi Raja
Middle School Lecturer

Srikar Munukutla
Elementary School Lecturer

Anjali Gupta
Elementary School Lecturer

Jeremy Li
Elementary School Lecturer

Esha Goru
Elementary School Lecturer

Anusha Rapuru
Elementary School Lecturer

Kaden Nguyen
Elementary School Lecturer


Hanying Mo
BS, Statistics

Rick Huang
BS, Computer Science

Akshay Ravikumar
BS, Computer Science

Colin Wei
BS, Computer Science


If you have questions or suggestions, please email Suhas Nagar at snagar@avmathteam.org.

PMC Address:
Harvest Park Middle School
4900 Valley Ave
Pleasanton, CA 94566